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Cats and dogs hacked this website. They plan on showing you funny pet pictures, great pets stories, rare trivia, and lots of facts about us pets. The main menu is to the left, the ads are to the right, and here you are stuck in the middle again. Pfft!

  Check out the stuff on the lower left side for some amazing pet pictures, humor, short jokes, quotes and even some pet poems. 

   We separated two of the main categories into Cat Facts and Dog Facts because our writers just can't seem to get along. Plus we also have Funny Pets Stuff, Pet Stories, Animal Shelters, and of course Pet Links.
  If you have some great true stories that you want to submit or send to us, by all means do so, and send your pets pictures too.
  It's a dog eat cat, cat scratch dog, world in here, so visit every part of this site to learn everything about us. After all, a feline's health and a canines happiness, is all that should matter to you, because we know where you sleep, we're there too.
  Our health tips and medical facts are taken from well known publications and well respected vets. We try to provide as accurate information as we can, so don't hesitate to email us and give us what for and all that. We may not always be able to fix it, but we will try.

We help about 5,000 humans every single day.
That's 35,000 in instances of pets helping.

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Come back soon and watch us grow.

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